Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Driving Class..

After resigning from my nonchalant work in the book store, I make an endeavour to take a driving class. I was "admitted" to the International Driving Institute, Seberang Jaya. Do you what's on earth did i use the word "admitted"? For God's sake, the driving class is horrible,unnerving,daunting and inexplicable nightmare.

My driving teacher was Mr.Raymond. He was infamous and notorious teacher with all those fiery words burst out from his mouth and he was dubbed as the most hot-tempered in IDI. Sigh.... what is worse than get such driving teacher? How unlucky i was. I had a hitch in balancing the "minyak" and clutch.( i don't know the word "minyak" in English,maybe accelerator). Every time i wanted to move the car, the engine keep whining on and off. But alas, my car did not budge at all.AGAIN. What a pathetic lesson. I always felt like to forfeit from my driving lesson.My instinct keep pushing me to continue, to be persevered. Huhuhu. A weary driving class. I was downtrodden and emotionally abused. A precarious way of drive. BUT, miraculously, the nonchalant endeavour was worthwhile. Thanks God. I already got my driving license. I was utterly on the cloud nine.

Yup. One more thing. I met Nana in IDI. It had been ages since the last time we met. we'd finally resurrected our childhood camaraderie. below-me and nana