Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Hey guys!! i'm leaving tomorrow. I wonder why I still have the feeling of refusal to continue my study. Maybe because i am a spoilt brat.LOl. I never had any experience to live in a home called HOSTEL. Honestly, I am mentally unprepared ( is Hospital Tanjung Rambutan will be much better ? i am just wondering). Thus i am resurrecting my studying skills. During the SPM examination,my studying skill used to be skyrocketed and and had exponential increase of knowledge. Now, alas it has become a knowledge destitution. Everything that I learned, everything that i felt good with....went into drain. My temporary fatal "amnesia" is jeopardising my future dude. SIGH.
I can't even remember how to factorise and what more devastating is that, i'm going to undergo a monotonous life as a student. Again...SIGH!!! One more thing, I have to forage about all my endearing books and school paraphernalia. Could anyone tell me how to brace this circumstance?

On the threshold of my tertiary education

My SPM result is like a dream come true. A day before i collected my result, i had a nightmare that something ominous would happen to me tomorrow. Well, it was just a dream. Things turned 360 degree when i collected my result. Thanks God. I had scored 10 A1 and 1B3. Well....B3 was the same culprit. REKA CIPTA!!!! It was staggering result. I was dazed when i got the result and remain oblivious for seconds. But, when i already regained my consciousness, I was exulted

I still remembered that, once i got my result, I jumped for couple times. was obviously an embarrassing moment. Because the boys were watching me, and HELL some boys were mocking me. Argh...i don't care. As long as i am happy. ( if i kick their butt it will tranquil me.LOL)
Thus, I was unfaltering to strive in medical course. I applied for JPA scholarship as I am not from the affluent family. I was overwhelmed by all the Rezeki. I have to admit that it was hard for me to conceive on such experiences though. The result will augur well for my future. A bright future ( very bright till you have to wear shade to see my future.LOL)
I know that i must work hard from now so that i will not cry ruefully in the end.
(enough of all the petty soap opera...LOL)

reminisce about my idle post SPM holiday.

I just stayed at home throughout my 8 months doing-nothing holiday. I'm a lazy bone, always woke up at 11 am and sleep at 2 am. It soon come to my concern that, I had no qualm of waking up late. I'm the sleeping beauty.LOL

Besides, i learn to cook. Yeah, i know. It will not make sense. Believe it or not, I LEARN TO COOK!!! I learned to be a great chef from the scratch. ( though it was only hangat-hangat taik ayam..hahaha...shhh....don't spill the beans)

I concede that i only learned a handful recipes. My instinct was the one who poured the cold water. My spirit was diminishing. I learned the lore of malay recipes from my septuagenenarian grandmother. I learned to cook curry, secret recipe of sambal belacan,gulai lemak and tons more which alongside simple dishes. I realised thai i had made a great stride in all these ample house-keeping activities.

But the thrill and excitement last a while.Sigh. I'm back to my old lazy bone sleeping beauty.LOL.My granny was so pissed off. But what else she could do other than nagging for 24 hours. Excuse me..24 HOURS???? Yes, 24 hours. Hey, just like the operation hour of 7-eleven.LOL.

Besides settled things up with my granny, i also had to entertain my bubbly little sis. I had to appease Nabilah all the times because she always had on her tantrum. My skill as a housewife still patchy. Again....A pathetic experience.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Anugerah pelajar Cemerlang SPM 2007

21st June 2008, 5:00 pm

Jump out high and feel the sky within your reach.
The indescribable feeling. Oh God. I'm on the cloud 9. You guys want to know why?
I'm Rm 500 richer. Well again, it's like a dream come true. It seems far-fetched isn'it.
yeah.Accept the fact. Okay...stop bumbling.
Venue: Dewan Sri Pinang,Georgetown,Penang,Malaysia.
The waiting is worth while. Rm 500 is in my hand. I've just received a cheque from Tan Sri Noor Muhammad Yakkob. It is the most anticipated ceremony ever-Anugerah pelajar Cemerlang SPM 2007 Pulau Pinang. I receive a cheque which alongside another 276 students throughout the Penang State.

Where should the money end up?? i'm thinking to buy a laptop. It will ease me during my A-level study in INTEC. But. is it a prerequisite? i still have a tinge of qualm about it.Hard to discern that i'll have my own laptop at last.
But,some seniors said that a laptop is not necessary for the A-level students. Maybe it is only a myth to be debunked. Better wait and see what will transpire. Hope my laptop will never be a communal use. A laptop constitutes a risk to my personal paraphernalia. Thieves are everywhere. Better keep my vigilant eyes on all my endearing stuffs

Friday, June 20, 2008


masuk INTEC weh...
sure banyak godaan kat sana...

dah ar jauh dari rumah aku..
naseb baik bapak aku tinggal kat KL...
malas rasanya nak masuk ni...